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If you want the look of stone or hardwood flooring, try using laminate.  Laminate flooring reproduces wood, stone and other natural minerals, is cheaper and easier to install. Laminate Flooring is made of made of high density fiberboard layers that are fused together. The top layer is made of a moisture resistant high resolution photographic wood image and finished with a protective layer.

Pros of Laminate:

Is cheaper and easier to install, can be floated

Unlike wood, Laminate is impervious to dents and scratches

Laminate is good for moist places and can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens and other moist areas

Easy to clean and is stain resistant

Cons of Laminate:

Not Real Wood

In places where there’s continuous high moisture, laminate floors are prone to warp

Laminate floors tend to sound hollow and are noisier

Lower resale value of your house as compared to Engineered Wood

* We carry a wide range of selection of Laminate. Please browse our website or visit our store for more information.

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